This is an incredible time to be in the creative and connections business. Such great tools! It's like magic!
- Senior Executive, Fortune 100 Brand

What does Mindsweat do?
We are 'Creative Generators' for business, which means we do three things:

  1. We help businesses light up internally with bright ideas
  2. We generate innovative ideas for you with cross-functional, cross-media talent
  3. We act as a hub for all the creative expertise you need across touch-points.

Organizations need the Creative Process to have wings, while at the same time stay grounded in real business objectives. We work collaboratively to help develop powerful ideas, pre-sell, and move the best ones toward commercialization.

We're the Right Brain for your projects
We keep our working approach simple and flexible to mesh with client systems and approval mechanisms. Whether we work with your teams, or assemble our own, you'll be close to the Creators and the Creative work. Talk to us for rowdy, inspiring workshops, innovation initiatives, ideation for new products, line extensions, services, fully-crafted product concepts, or marketing and advertising.